Slate Plaques & Slate Signs

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Natural and Rustic Personalised Slate Plaques Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes but capturing the moment and giving a gift that can be cherished for a lifetime is all about getting it right. This is where choosing a personalised gift is often the best option. It provides you with the chance to put a personal touch on the gift that you give, and that is why personalised slate gifts are a  great option. They are unique, special and they come in a range of styles. Why give the same reward as others when you can create personalised slate plaques and signs that mean something and stand out, unlike other gifts that merely become the same as every other gift.

Handmade Slate Wedding Table Plans

If you are arranging your big day, then you could be looking for something that is different and what a better way than to do that by creating personalised slate plaques that can be used as wedding table plans. One of the most exciting aspects of the day is sitting down to have food with your loved ones in anticipation of the speeches, and so, a slate wedding table plan is the perfect way to create an impact with your guests. When they look to see who they are sitting with and where they are sitting, a slate wedding table plan is the ideal way to add a touch of class and style. 

Slate Cake Stands

When it comes to displaying cakes at a wedding or a party, you have to make sure you do it correctly. Everyone loves cake, and when a lot of work has gone into making the cakes, you have to do them justice by displaying them in the right way. It is not a case of just showing them on a standard plate or a board because they deserve more than that. In fact, they deserve to be showcased in the best possible way and what better than a slate cake stand? They are durable, they look great, and they are easy to clean, making them the perfect choice. They make a real impact, and that is precisely why so many people choose to use slate cake stands.

Slate Heart Signs

Deciding which gift to give your friend on their birthday or their wedding day is simple when you consider opting for slate hearts. They are unique and carry a message like no other gift, especially when you have them personalised. You can add any message you want on them and then give them a gift that can be hung on a shelf, stood on a mantelpiece or even fitted to the wall. They look sensational in every way, and they really show that person just what you think of them, whether they are friends or family. The right gift can leave a lasting impression, and that is precisely why a slate heart makes a great gift that will last a lifetime.