Top 5 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas and Tips

Top 5 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas and Tips

Choosing the right wedding gift is all about identifying your relationship with the special couple. Wedding gifts can vary in size, shape and value and that means that you should make the most of the available tips for wedding gifts and tips for anniversary gifts. Sometimes, there is no need to give a gift just for the sake of giving a gift and often, couples will receive duplicates. However, if you opt for personalised gifts, then you can provide them with a gift that they can treasure forever.

So, to identify just what you should get them you should follow the tips below:

1. Look at the recipient's hobbies or interests. Do they love cooking together? Do they enjoy a fine wine or do they have something else in their lives that they treasure?

2. Consider the recipient's home and what they might need for it. Would a personalised house number suffice as a gift or personalised coaster or a beautiful personalised photo frame?

3. Think about what the recipient might already have. While the gift you want to purchase is personalised, perhaps they already have a similar item which means that your personalised gift is not necessary.

With those tips in mind, what are the top five personalised gifts? A bottle of personalised prosecco is something that they can enjoy and treasure together while a unique cheese board or chopping board is ideal for those who appreciate spending time enjoying food and cooking. A personalised wooden photo frame is always a great choice, and with so many photos from their wedding, they will need as many photo frames as they can handle. Finally, personalised wooden candle holders are always a welcome gift, regardless of whether they are used as decoration or actually used with candles.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised Wooden Gifts

When it comes to personalised wooden gifts, there are so many to choose from, and that means that you are sure to find something that your recipient will love. To ensure that you choose the right gift, you need to plan ahead as this will enable you to cover all the possibilities. When you have personalised wooden trinket holders or personalised wooden keepsake box, you can be sure that there is something for everyone. A personalised wooden gift is a great way of giving a gift that stands the test of time and proves that you really do put a lot of thought into the gifts that you give.

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Personalised Slate Gifts

Slate is a beautiful, natural material that looks great but when you personalise it and turn it into personalised slate gifts, it takes on a completely different meaning. Slate is unique and is not all that common around the home and so, giving it as a gift is the perfect way to give something different.  A personal slate sign can display that special anniversary date as well as the names of the happy couple, or a personalised slate cheese board can bring to life any gathering. Slate is wonderful, but it is even better when it is personalised.

Personalised Hand Cut Natural Rustic Large Slate Wedding Table Plan


Personalised Gift Vouchers

Sometimes, when you have to find a gift for that someone who has everything, you have to give in to gift voucher, but that in itself is no problem because gift vouchers are useful in many different ways.  However, gift vouchers can be seen to lack that personal touch even if less thought goes into them than a traditional gift. Despite this, if you create a personalised gift voucher then at least it shows that you really have thought about the gift and it means that your recipient can spend it on anything they wish.

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